PT. Said Krama Yudha

PT. SAID KRAMA YUDHA is a General Supply company that provides multiple services to automotive industry and a wide range of industry sectors. We committed to help our customers optimize their businesses by providing services that includes:

  • Manufacturing Raw Materials & Industrial Goods
  • Manufacturing Machine Parts
  • Outsourcing Services for Security Personnel & Factory Workers
  • Office Stationeries

PT. SAID KRAMA YUDHA was created in 2015 through a merger of PT. Krama Yudha, PT. Anisada Sejahtera, and PT. Aman Indah Sentosa.

The history of PT. Said Krama Yudha traces the converging destinies of three companies, as the general supply companies.

The three companies shared a common trait which lives on PT. Said Krama Yudha: a passion for supplying and marketing parts for PT. Krama Yudha Ratu Motor, who manufactures and assembles automobiles and trucks for Mitsubishi Corporation in Indonesia, and also for many other manufacturers across a wide range of industry categories.

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